Honest Abraham Lincoln Today

Honest Abraham Lincoln Today

I think sometimes about my kinship with Abraham Lincoln. The connection? Well, you see my middle name is the same as his first. Therefore, we are kindred spirits… at least. I mean, who’s called Abraham anymore? Even 150 years ago?

I happen to use an image of Abraham Lincoln for my Google account. I saw today where Joe Scarbrough uses Lincoln as his Twitter avatar. Interesting! Does this mean Morning Joe and I are also birds of a feather? Not important.

But what is important is that we would both look back to Lincoln as a beacon of and for American values. And why do we look back 150 years? Why not look back at Obama or Clinton or JFK. Why when there are so many great Americans would Joe Scarbrough and I relish an historical figure and this one at that?

And maybe the answer “lies” in the fact that Abraham Lincoln had a reputation for honesty. They called him Honest Abe for God’s sake! And we now exist in a world of lies. Simple but insidious lies. And it just may bring down this great nation, built on laws and relying on truthfulness.