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What is Litigation

Litigation is a legal process where parties argue their case against each other. Parties involved are called litigants. Each party assembles its argument supported by findings and facts. Through discovery, parties exchange information and documents. Litigation continues until the parties find a resolution. If the parties are unable to settle the dispute, they move forward to trial in front of a judge or jury.

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Do I Need a Litigator

If you’re going through the litigation process, you need a good experienced litigation attorney on your side. A trial lawyer may be used in your trial, but a litigation lawyer is the one who handles the case from the beginning. The litigation lawyer interviews the client, handles the preliminary matters, and conducts the trial. If the litigation lawyer doesn’t have the necessary trial skills, a trial lawyer can handle that portion of the process.

Going through litigation without a lawyer is unwise. You need someone who understands the complex processes, steps, deadlines, and issues involved in your litigation case. Whether you are being sued or you are the one enforcing your legal rights, a litigation lawyer can walk you through the complicated litigation process.

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