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What is Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law, also referred to as tort law, is the set of rules and procedures that allows an injured person to recover damages from losses resulting from an accident or other incident. It allows an injured person to go to civil court and get a legal remedy. The purpose of the personal injury system is to allow the injured person to be “made whole” after they suffered harm due to someone’s negligence or intentional conduct.

Common Personal Injury Matters

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been in an accident or injured in some way because of someone else’s carelessness, you may be dealing with a number of question right now. You may be wondering what to do about your medical expenses and loss of income. You may be wondering how to adjust to your change in circumstances. And you may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Maybe all you need is some advice. In many cases, though, you may need an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process and help you be restored as much as possible to your situation prior to the injury.

You are not legally required to have a lawyer handle your personal injury claim. You could file all the necessary paperwork yourself and represent yourself in court. However, your chances for winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve are much higher if you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.
Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, you may need to bring in expert witnesses, sort through documents provided by the defendant, and provide a depth and breadth of evidence in court to prove your case. You need to follow complex rules of evidence and procedure to present your case, make objections, file motions, etc. Outside of court, you need to know how to leverage your case during negotiations to achieve a settlement you are happy with.

The insurance company – whose goal is to minimize how much money you receive – deals with these issues every day. Do you? If you’re like most injured people, you have never had much contact with the legal system before now.

An experienced lawyer will be able level the playing field by negotiating settlements, navigating the pre-trial process, taking your case to trial, and fighting for the compensation you deserve – all with a greater chance of success than if you do it yourself.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

It may be that you prefer to try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or at-fault party, only to find that the only settlement offer you are able to get is completely unfair — or nonexistent! Having a personal injury lawyer will get the attention of the party you are claiming against, and your likelihood of negotiating a fair settlement is much higher.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A good personal injury lawyer will listen to you, do thorough information and evidence gathering, talk to you about your options, and assist you in pursuing the course of action that you choose. This includes:

  • Handling your case personally, listening to your needs, and responding quickly to your questions.
  • Calculating and documenting all of your losses.
  • Ensuring that all court documents, insurance claims, and other paperwork are filed correctly.
  • Systematically gathering crucial pieces of evidence.
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw the incident that caused your injury.
  • Representing your interests during negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Fielding prospective settlement offers and acting in your best interest.

A personal injury lawyer can help take the burden of the legal process off your plate and help guide you through this sometimes frustrating and complex process.

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